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Ealing Gym

Why use a gym?

More Convenience...

A 5k run without leaving the premises? How about rowing 2,000 metres but avoiding the Thames? Cycling without nervously watching cloud formations? Climbing more steps than the Eiffel Tower's? It's all here. Then once you're done simply shower, dress and get on with your day or evening.

More Equipment...

You're going to need the right fitness equipment, from spinning bikes to punchbags, from weights to walking machines. We insist on offering only top of the range equipment in our gym facilities. Take a look around and see for yourself.

More Contact...

Come along and surround yourself with other people keen to stay fit, healthy and full of energy. Maybe stop off at lunchtime with a friend and work those machines. And after all that hard work? Head for the bar. Or if you're really fit, pick up a squash racquet!

More fun...!

All that exercising means you are blowing off steam and coming out feeling refreshed and invigorated. And our regular sporting and social events mean there's always plenty to do here in the heart of Ealing. So use that extra energy to have some fun in a friendly environment!


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